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Flipper is an energy switching service designed for busy people like you. We take care of all the stress of switching energy tariffs — you save on your energy bills. It’s that simple.

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Flipper serves thousands of customers across England, Scotland and Wales.

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Why Flipper?

  • Independent

    We don’t take commission from suppliers and only work with those that provide the best deals and service.

  • Effortless

    We do the paperwork, compare deals and talk to suppliers. We don’t switch – we flip.

  • Guaranteed value

    We guarantee you won’t pay a penny until we’ve secured your best energy deal and flipped you to it.

  • Continuous savings

    We look for better deals every month and flip you if we can save you more.

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We only charge our £ fee once we've secured your best energy deal and flipped you to it.

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Now that you’ve seen how much we can save you...

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What we do

We take care of the entire switching process for you — from submitting your switch application and meter readings, to confirming when your new supply is goes live.

What we charge

We charge a flat subscription fee of £/year and guarantee you -

  • The best available deal in the entire market
    Unlike similar services, we don’t take commission from energy suppliers, so we’ll switch you to the deal that’s best for you — not us.
  • Peace of mind that you’re always on the best tariff
    We check the market 4 times a year and if we find you an even better deal, we’ll switch you again. All switches for the year are included in your £ subscription fee.
  • Outstanding customer experience
    Our UK-based Customer Care Team are available via phone, chat and email to assist you with any of your energy-related questions.

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We'll only charge you once we've secured your best energy deal and flipped you to it

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